Looking Back: Budget 2009 – The Town Centre Regeneration Fund

The 2009 Budget was the one defeated by Labour, Lib Dem and Green MSPs. It was passed a week later after the Labour and Lib Dem parties retreated in the face of public anger.

The £60m Town Centre Regeneration Fund was negotiated by Derek in the Budget discussions.

Successful bids in the South of Scotland:

Castle Square, Stranraer                                                                Stranraer £790,000

Kilmarnock – Connecting Places                                                 Kilmarnock £1,156,551

Prestonpans & Tranent Town Centres Support Project                    Prestonpans, Tranent £ 300,000

Jedburgh Town Centre Regeneration Project                                       Jedburgh £606,745

Dumfries: A Capital Project                                                                     Dumfries £1,965,000

All the Airts                                                                                               Sanquhar £341,032

Dunbar Town Centre Improvement Project                                              Dunbar £416,850

Hawick Town Centre Environmental Improvements                            Hawick £353,000

Ayr Renaissance – North Hub Redevelopment                                        Ayr £ 2,258,000

Biggar Corn Exchange Development                                                       Biggar £197,354


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